Shampoo and “Eye Steam”

Last night, my little love was in the bath and, with much encouragement, managed to get a blob of shampoo on his head and cleaned his hair.  He didn’t scrub it in quite enough at the front, however, and the shampoo ran down his forehead in a slow drip until it hit his eyes.

“MOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!””  He screamed from the bathroom, “I made my eyes go BLIND!!”  I took that with a grain of salt, just so you know.  He is seven, autistic and often a touch overdramatic…takes right after his father.  I went to him to assess the damage and found him with his palms jammed over his eyes, shampoo still dripping down his forehead and (now) over his fingers.

After a good rinse I managed to get him to move his hands and found sore, red, watery eyes beneath.  I got him to splash a little water on his face and, knowing he would not actually go blind…lol…I sent him off to get his PJ’s on, telling him that his eyes were really smart and would make lots of tears to wash the shampoo away by the next morning.

Now, my boy struggles with words and thoughts.  He knows what he wants to say, but doesn’t always now how to express what’s in his head.  Keeping that in mind, we’re usually overjoyed for him when he manages to explain something to us…this totally counted, but was so cute, I had to post it.

He said “Hey mom!!!  You were right!  While I was sleeping the steam in my eyes got all mixed up with the tears and it washed off!”

*Steam = that foggy kind of film that covers your eye after getting soap in it….*   Amazing huh?  🙂


Remembering Halloween

I wrote this after Halloween two years ago and happened upon it in my files today.  It’s funny to look back at five-year old Colt and remember the little things.   Thought you might enjoy this one:

November 1, 2010 – Trick or Treat

This year would have been the second of Colt’s life in the trick-or-treating business.  Last year, with much encouragement, Colt managed to fight through all the attention and knocked on about 6 doors before he begged for the whole thing to be over.  I said to him, trying to appeal to his five-year old mind

“But honey, if we keep going, you’ll get lots more candy!”  And what did he say?

“Uhhh mom?  I already HAVE candy here..?”   Well, he’s not greedy, that’s for sure.

This year I asked him if he wanted to dress up. He said yes (I already knew that meant no but had to try).  I asked him what he wanted to be, trying to keep the limitations in mind.  He hates anything plastic touching him, not keen on vinyl, can’t tolerate a mask or face paint…so when he said ‘A Transformer’ I almost choked on my dinner.  Crap.  Transformer eh?

I spent hours pondering, and finally came up with an idea.  I found a foam fire truck for him to wear…a car body on straps that sit on the child’s shoulder.  I told him that he was the ‘robot’ part of the transformer (lol).  Surely that would work right?  Nothing touching him, nothing plastic, nothing anywhere near his face.  Well everything was peachy until the moment we went to put the costume on, moments before we walked out the door for trick or treating.

“Uh mommy?  I don’t want to be a fire truck transformer anymore”

“Oh..honey.  You have to wear a costume if you’re going to go trick or treating.”

(Sad face)  “Then I won’t go”  Says he.

(This moment reminded me of many others, while he and I engaged in negotiations over whether or not he was going to wear pants to daycare.  ‘Dude, you HAVE to wear pants to school, no options here..”  “I’m sorry mom, but my answer…is No”)

Mommy, however, was smart this year.  While out shopping a few weeks ago, I found a black toque and a pair of black gloves both with skeleton bones on them,  skull on the hat, finger bones on the gloves.  I put him in a pair of black pants and, voila!  Skeleton.  lol..he was delighted and was ready to charge out the door in an instant.

He still only managed 4 houses this year. 15 minutes and we were home again but he was happy, and that’s all that counts in the end.  😀  Next year I’m hoping for a better score…lol.  Is there not supposed to be a candy surplus for the parents too?  😉


Driving Dangerous

I find it amazing, more often than not, that human beings are capable of managing four-way stops.  From the way some people live their lives, you’d expect there to be multiple pile ups in the centre of every intersection along the rush hour routes.  

We used to have a physician that worked in our department that was a chronic speeder.  He used to brag at the start of *every* meeting about how quickly he got from wherever he had started, to the location of the meeting.  He said he could make it from the south campus to the north campus (normally a 20 min drive with moderate traffic, through the downtown core) in less than 10 minutes, traffic or otherwise.

When asked how he maintained his break-neck pace through traffic, he simply blinked, looking confounded, and would reply

“That’s what the shoulder is for….”

It amazed me that he still had his license, mind you, I’m sure he could afford the tickets and insurance .

This morning I was in front of an idiot of a woman who was DYING to get around me because I was only doing 10 clicks over the speed limit.  She was so close to the back of my car I couldn’t see her grill and she kept shaking her white knuckled fists at me, yelling something that I couldn’t read on her lips.

She rode my arse for ages before finally deciding to pull around me on a hill, for some reason, and almost got flattened by an unseen oncoming truck.  She didn’t seem too bothered though…just hammered her accelerator and went on her way.

When I neared my place of employment I arrived at a four-way stop and waited patiently while the three other people completely cut me off and then a fourth decided not to even stop at all.   Just followed the guy in front of him through.

Do you want to know WHY so many people die in vehicle accidents?  These guys.  Just sayin.

Drive safe!  🙂


Wacky Wednesday # 12 – National Common Courtesy Day

Couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂

KittyHere or There, Anywhere

“Life be not so short but that there is always time for courtesy.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

March 21st is National Common Courtesy Day.  March 21st was also the birthday of my Aunt Erma who raised me.  I do not remember her ever telling me to be courteous, per say, but she did expect proper behavior and good manners. As far as I can tell, at this point in my life, behaving properly and exercising good manners equals courtesy.  I don’t feel right if I don’t put on a smile and say hello when meeting someone.  I am usually inclined to feel that I should hold the door if someone is coming a few steps behind me.  I don’t expect doors to be held open for me but if they are I smile and say thank you.  These habits which were instilled early strike me as core common courtesies.  The…

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The Breakfast

It’s no secret that in my house dad is the chef.  I try to cook, I do, but something in me just sits there with a blank look and misses the point entirely.  I can make soup (can’t over cook it!) and am a whiz with a crock pot.  That’s about the best of my cooking ability right there.

Colt is well aware of this unskilled part of me, mostly because I’ve had to prepare food for him since birth, but it’s SUPER highlighted when you put my cooking next to his fathers.  Dad can cook the cheapest cut of meat and it suddenly turns into something you’d happily pay $50 for at a fine dining restaurant.   My food is more reminiscent of a high school cafeteria.

This morning Colt’s dad had to leave early for work.  I got him up, got us ready then approached the subject of breakfast.

“What would you like to eat today my love?”  I asked.

“Pancakes!” He replied.  I went to the freezer to get some “toaster pancakes” (pre-made then reheated in the toaster – so quick and easy)  but we were all out.  I found a box of buttermilk waffles, however, so thought I’d give it a shot.  I put two in the toaster…just a regular toaster, mind you, nothing fancy or complicated, and pushed the lever down.  Colt eyed me a little suspiciously but decided to wait on the results prior to casting judgement.

When the thing popped, I checked to see if the waffles were toasted and tossed them on a plate with some butter and syrup.  I walked ten steps to the table, put them down and called Colt to come eat.  He stabbed a bit with his fork and, *Crunch*  fork wouldn’t go through.  He tried again, poking a piece of waffle with trepidation, with the same result.  Somehow, in those few moments between the pop of the toaster and the serving of breakfast, the waffles went from toasty warm to rock solid bits of “food” that were able to deflect a metal fork.

He looked up at me and I could see pity in his eyes.  He said,

“Heeeeeey mom, my beautiful girl…thank you for making me…umm…waffles.  I think I’d really like some nice toast with butter instead?  Ummm…and can I make it please?”

I was stubborn and made him let me prepare the toast but he stood right beside me the entire time.

After a successful breakfast was finally completed we got ready and drove over to the sitter’s house.  As I was on my way out the door Colt blew me a kiss and said,

“Aw my mom!  You did such a great job with that toast today!  I’m proud of you!!”

*shucks*  lol.  I do what I can, I do what I can.  $20 says the first words out of his mouth when I pick him up tonight are ‘Is dad cooking dinner tonight?’ (God I certainly hope so!!!)


Choice Words

This morning Colt was making the strangest noise in the living room after he ate his breakfast.  He’s got a touch of a cold and is a little stuffy in the mornings, so I assumed the strange noises had something to do nose blowing, however, when I went to investigate there was not a tissue to be found.  I asked him what he was doing and he answered:

“My spitting stuff got into my ears but then I snarled it hard and it was gone and  I could hear again!”

Amazingly, I understood that perfectly.  Colt has a difficult time describing things in ways that other people might understand (his imagery seems to be shape/landscape based) so this was an extraordinary  effort for him, using words like “spitting stuff” (saliva – or more likely mucus congestion in his sinuses) and “snarled” (*giggles* what an awesome word he used.  Makes me think of Dr. Seuss!)

I sent a text to his dad, sharing the fun this morning, and he responded with “What is spitting stuff and how did it get into his ears???”

lol.  Ahhhh my boys.  Never a dull moment, I tell ya.


Learning to Learn

Colt is just now beginning to read with some consistency at school.  He knew his ABC’s before he could talk (a fact I discovered one day while driving him to daycare when he suddenly sang the entire song forwards and backwards…..yeah, I had to pull over for a moment too).  Despite knowing the song and the sounds the letters made, my little man could not put those two pieces of information together well enough to read anything.  It has been a trying time for him, for sure.

Recently he’s been getting stronger in reading skills, as he memorizes more words from his daily life.  The cutest moment of this reading adventure so far was when he came to me with frustrated blue eyes on Sunday announcing that he could not find one of his shows no matter what he tried.

The character’s name is “Arthur” and Colt flat out insisted that he was nowhere to be found on the entire internet.  I asked him how he was spelling “Arthur” and he answered

“A, R, F, U, R”  Arfur.

I giggled.  No honey, it’s ArTHur, Thhhhhhh, not Ffffffffff.  He looked at me like I had just sprouted a second head.

“Uhhh Mom?  I’m sorry, but you’re wrong.  It’s Arfur”  then he rolled his eyes at me.

I smiled and let him go.  Suggested that he find a movie or book with Arthur on it so he could check the proper spelling (no point arguing) and off he went.  He forgot about Arthur when he found his M&M’s characters (I have no idea why, but he loves those commercials).  He immediately ran back to his computer and started to type them into his search bar when he stopped and yelled:


……you know what an ampersand is but think Arthur is spelled with an “F”?   This child’s mind is amazing to me.

Later that day I pulled out a workbook full of mazes that get more complicated as they progress.  One month ago, Colt would give up before he completed the easiest ones; last night, he shot through 19 of them, in order, unassisted, and didn’t even get frazzled.  I actually accused his dad of practicing with him…lol.

He absorbs things in ways I can’t follow everywhere in life.  Amazing little boy, he is.


Praise and Reward

Here’s something fun my little guy brought to my life.

When I pick Colt up at the (miracle-worker-angel) babysitter’s house I usually get a full report on his day.  Little Emily, the sitter’s beautiful little girl, is a right tattle-tale and she busts him for everything he does wrong…lol…poor kid.  She’ll tell when he sticks out his tongue, when he calls someone a name, when he “says NO!” (to teachers etc).  I’ve arranged things so she ‘reports’ to her mom (nothing worse than having a friend rat you out right in front of you to your mom!) and then the sitter reports to me.

When Colt has a good day, and by that, I mean literally perfect so that there is nothing to tattle about, I make a HUGE fuss for him.  We high-five and I squish him with hugs (his term, not mine) and kiss his face and tell him how wonderfully proud I am of him.  A little smile touches the corner of his lips and he flushes with pride…it’s one of my favourite moments in life so far.

When I picked Colt up last week, one of the little ones had broken the rules that day (running in the house, playing under the covers in the beds when they were to be sleeping, calling mean names).  Her mom was getting the run-down while I waited patiently for Colt (who had a good day!) and the little girl sullenly stared at the floor and waited for the sitter to finish.  I hate to admit that it felt amazing to NOT be the mom of the kid who was in trouble for once, but I felt for her…as I feel for Colt.  I helped her do up her little jacket while her mom finished chatting with the sitter and she looked at me with sad, dark eyes…

“I didn’t do a very good job today, Colt’s mom *pouts*”  I told her that we all have bad days but even when we’re feeling grumpy, we still have to follow the rules.  I smiled at her and told her that tomorrow was a brand new day to try again.  (I know her mom pretty well so I knew she wouldn’t mind).

Yesterday, I walked up to the door and peeked in the side window to see who was in before I opened it and went into the house.  The little girl caught my eye and came CHARGING to the door to open it for me.

“Colt’s mom!!!  I had a perfect day today with no rule breaking at ALL!”  She threw her arms around my legs and waited for her praise.  I look at Colt, wondering what his reaction might be to someone else getting my adoration for doing well that day, but (no surprise) he was smiling at the little one.  He came over and joined in the hug and we all celebrated for the sweet little girl who tried hard and followed the rules.  She was busting with pride by the time I left.  🙂

When we got outside Colt told me how happy he was for his little friend.  He told me that, sometimes, it’s hard to follow the rules.  I stopped and took his face in my hands and told him he was amazing.  He said,

“I didn’t even do anything and you still think I’m amazing?!”

Oh yeah little boy.  You’re something amazing alright.  ❤


His Beautiful Heart

This morning my boy came to me with worry in his eyes.

I was asleep last night (on my couch) when he got home and although he came in and gave me a very tender hug and kissed my bare shoulder, we didn’t get to spend much time together yesterday at all.  His dad knew I was *out* for the night and accommodated, as he does, by letting Colt know that mommy wasn’t feeling well and needed a good, long sleep to feel better again.

So, the eyes this morning…worried blue.  I sat down next to him at the table and he reached up and touched my face (he has a teacher that cradles his face with her hands when she sees him – he finds it so relaxing when she does it that he is starting to apply it elsewhere.  Amazing for him).  He said,

“Mom, I missed you last night and it made me heart drop”

“You heart dropped! Oh no…I don’t like that sound of that!”  I put my hands on his chest and back and started massaging his “heart”

“Yes mom, when you are sick my heart drops and falls on the ground and it breaks.  My heart broke because you were sick mommy.”
I asked him if it was better now that I was okay again and he lit up like a star and threw his arms around my neck.   Without his little sparks of brightness in my life, things would be so dark.

I’m so thankful.



The Beautiful Flower

This morning at the bus stop Colt was running around with the sitter’s kids when he suddenly stopped and yelled to me:

“MOM! *unintelligible something* beautiful flower!!”  All the moms (and dads) thought he had found an early flower shooting up (daffodils and tulips will be showing up soon here).  I said something like “wow – it’s lovely!” and he burst into giggles.

I went to investigate what was so giggly and went to his side, looking around for the flower.  He laughed even harder when I did that…so did his little friend Kelly.  I played it up a bit for his sake and soon he was howling because I could not find the flower…!  Kelly wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes and finally let me in on the joke.

“Mrs x,” Kelly explained, “he said that YOU are the most beautiful flower!!!”

Oh.  Oh my.  Oh my, my, my boy.  *warm glow*  I’m not sure I’ve ever received such a compliment.  😀