All by his Own

My little guy is turning nine this summer and he’s getting to be no longer a “little guy”. The child is nearly as tall as me and his feet just surpassed mine…if I try to bum a pair of socks from him they flop off my feet, all stretched out.

He has reached the phase where he wants to do everything by himself, or as he says “all by my own”.

One day this spring Colt came to us and asked if he could take swimming lessons.  We instantly figured that he didn’t understand what ‘swimming lessons’ actually were, as his sensitivity level to loud noises and commotion is very high.

We went to the local YMCA and got a membership so the lessons would be included and we could still have family swims in the pool…play around in the gym, that sort of stuff.  I took him down to the pool while lessons were going on and pointed.

“Colt…THAT is swimming lessons.  You see what those kids are doing?”

“Yes.  Swimming lessons.  That’s what I want please.”

“Okay Colt but it’s going to be loud…”

“That’s okay with me.”

“…and it’s going to be busy and you’ll have to go in alone…mom can’t come with you.”

“That’s okay with me too.”

“Okay then, let’s get you signed up.”:I said as we walked to the front desk.  I was sure he’d chicken out or change his mind before we registered but no, he didn’t.  He actually walked up to the counter and addressed the clerk.

“I would like swimming lessons please?”  He said, so politely.

So…he’s taking swimming lessons.  We started him with the little kids in the very first group and although we got a bit of pushback from the lifeguards, they understood when they tried to talk to him that he wasn’t even grasping the concept yet.

After two lessons, he was floating on his back.  Now, he’s learning the front crawl while wearing a life jacket.  He works hard to get it right, listens very carefully to the instructor, and when she is working with the other kids in his class, he practices his newly learned moves.

This child, who used to panic when the shower water sprayed *anywhere* near his face, is now diligently practicing the lessons he’s learning so he will be able to swim.

*big smiles, happy tears*  I didn’t know if this day would ever come….  This is the first instance of Colt making a decision, asking for help to execute that decision and then sticking with it looking forward to the achievement of his goal.  (sigh of relief)

He’s such a cool kid.  I learn so much about life, through his beautiful blue eyes.


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