The Shower Trick

One thing that Colt loves, more than anything, is surprise treats brought home for no reason at all. His dad is wonderful like that, always stopping here or there to grab something small and delicious to bring a smile to Colt’s face.  It’s often a healthy snack too…we’re lucky that Colt LOVES fruits and veggies so a surprise fruit tray or veggie platter is met with the same joy that ice cream or chocolate cake.

Last night while in negotiations to get the boy into the shower, D pulled me aside and told me that he had bought some little Italian ice treats which he hadn’t mentioned aloud yet.  He decided to use this as bait.

“Oh hey Colt?”  He said

“Yeah dad?”

“I forgot to tell you, I stopped at the store on my way home and picked up a yummy treat for your snack after bath!”

“WOW!!  WHAT IS IT DAD?”  Colt bellowed, instantly excited.  “Is it a watermelon?  Is it candy?  Is it a chocolate bar?  Is it a smoothie?  Is it a waffle…?”

D, being smart, wouldn’t tell him what the treat was.

“You can have one as soon as you’re done in the shower” he brilliantly added.

Let me tell you, there has never been a faster shower in the history of eight year olds.  The child tore off his clothes, jumped into the tub but then seemed to hesitate.

“MOM!?”  He yelled even though I was standing about 4 feet away.  “Um…so you have to get in the shower too.”  (He was afraid I’d get to the treats before he was done).  lol..I promised not to even peek in the freezer until he was washed, dried, and ready for bed.

He flew through his shower and jumped out, not even bothering to dry off before pulling on his PJ’s…lol…wet spots sticking to him everywhere.  He took my hand and lead me to the kitchen where we finally got to see what it was.  (I say finally but understand it was about five minutes after the whole episode began).

“OH.  MY.  GOODNESS!” he grinned so wide I thought his head might split in two.  D pulled out the box of ice treats and when Colt saw that they came with candy spoons he just about dropped from sheer delight.

We sat together, his leg pressed to mine, and enjoyed our snack in the living room.  Every third scoop was shared and he didn’t stop saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” the whole time he was eating.

“Don’t I just have the best dad ever?” Colt asked me quietly after we had finished our snack.  Were comparing blue lips and tongues at the time.  “This was the best day of my entire life!”  He concluded.

I love this life.  When a five dollar box of ice and sugar can put such a beautiful smile on a child’s face…  Just makes me thankful to be here, to be his mom, and to be the one who gets to love him.  I feel so lucky.  So loved.

Who could ever want for more?


One thought on “The Shower Trick

  1. I am always thrilled to read of your special happy family moments. (And a little green with envy — but very little because you do deserve them and so much more.).

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