My Son, the Mommy-Healer

Yesterday I was struggling with pain and ended up going home from work a few hours early to see if I could get a jump on it. When my son arrived home from school he came bouncing into the living room where I was resting and he opened his arms wide for a hug.  I moved slowly and he noticed.

“What’s wrong Mom?  Are you sick?”  He asked with worry in his beautiful blue eyes.

“No, I just have a sore back today sweetheart, I’m okay.” I answered.

He put his arms around me very gently and asked if it helped, getting a hug.  I admitted that it made me feel a little better. He then, so softly, put his hand on my back and rubbed in small circles.

“Does this help more than the hug?”  He wondered.

“Oh yes, this is helping so much!” I confirmed.

He carried on taking care of my back until I declared myself better.

“Ta-daaaaaaa!  Hooray for Colt the Mommy Healer!”  He sang out and ran off to play.

It’s true too.  He is the one who heals my heart every single day.   (Seriously, how lucky am I?!)  xx


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