You can do anything! (except that…)

I was having a chat with Colt the other day about the future.  “Future” on its own is a brand new concept for my boy and it’s been fun watching him grow to understand that tomorrow brings choices you might not have today.  We’re encouraging the understanding by talking of things to come far in the future to help him learn some patience because like any other kid, he cannot wait five minutes for anything.  (Recalls last Christmas Eve when he was still awake at 2am, in tears because “waiting is sooooo hard mom!”).

In keeping with the future talk, I asked Colt one day what he’d like to be when he grew up “big as daddy”.

“Ummm, I think I’ll be a race car driver.  Wait no!  A mad scientist!”  

“A mad scientist eh?  Well, that sounds like a fun job to have!”

“No, wait mom, I want to be a rock star!”

“Cool!  Will you write me a song?”

“Nooooo mom.  I have to write about rock and roll things.”

“Okay, well, can I come to your concerts then?”

“Yes.  I’ll give you ONE ticket.”

🙂  We went on like that for a while with him changing his mind every other thought when he suddenly stopped and looked at me.

“Mom…do I just have to be one thing when I grow big as daddy?”

“NO!”  I cheered, “You can do anything you want to do Colt.  Anything.”

“Uh mom?”  His eyes turned suspicious on me.  “I can’t do anything I want…”

I jumped right on that one.  “Oh yes you can my son and don’t you let anyone tell you different!  There is nothing you can’t do.  If you want it, you go for it and I’ll back you up all the way!”

The child looked at me with an absolute dead-pan expression and stated, “No.  Mom you’re wrong.  I can’t do ‘anything‘ I want.  I can’t fart on people….”


“Well now.  I never quite thought of it that way….”

He was quite right wasn’t he?  You really can’t go around farting on people these days.  So, the good news is I’ve managed to let him know that farting on people is not an acceptable career choice for the future.  Oh, and I’ve also learned that I must watch what I say very carefully….lol.  I can only hope that they have some sort of career day for the grade 3’s this year.  I simply cannot wait to get that note home….haha.  My boy.  ❤


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