A Lesson in Bravery

A week or so ago, the Ministry of Health sent us a letter requesting that we catch Colt up on his inoculation booster, something we apparently missed doing when he was five.  With all the stuff that was going on back then (lol, ‘back then’ was only two years ago) it must have slipped everyone’s mind.

I made the appointment for a time that I would have to go for blood work so he could watch me and my reaction to having a needle in my arm before he went through it, knowing he wouldn’t remember the last time in his own life.  I told him about it the morning of so he wouldn’t worry too much, but just enough to keep him in balance, and he did as well as I’ve come to expect from him, such resolve, that kid.  ❤  The only trouble was that the nurse who was to draw my blood was behind and the one who was to deliver Colt’s inoculations was ahead and he ended up having to go before me.  Unanticipated changes involving needles don’t sit well with Colt…well, with anyone, I’d suspect.

His dad happened to be working in the area and managed to take his lunch hour at the appointment time, much to Colt’s relief.  He was so happy to see his dad and told the nurse, after it was all over, that his daddy had come to “lend him some brave.”  The nurse almost cried and his dad lit up like a Christmas Tree.  🙂  Was something special to see.

My nurse was ready for me after Colt calmed down a little and I asked him if he would please come with me to lend ME some brave, if he had any left.  He readily agreed, sniffling and with tears streaking his cheeks, he came to stand beside me.  Tears kept pouring out of his eyes as he dealt with his own discomfort and pain while he choked out,

“It’s going to be okay mommy, *hiccup, sniff* I won’t leave you and the nurse *sniff* is very nice, she will go as fast as she can!”

After she found my vein and started filling vials he asked me if I was okay and then, afterwards, put his hand in mine and told me that I was very brave, sitting so still to let the nurse take my blood.   He asked if it hurt and I said it did a little.  He said his hurt a LOT, not a little,  and then asked for ice cream.

He cried every time he thought about it for the next 10 minutes or so as we said ‘see you later’ to his dad.  Then, as he does, he pulled himself together and announced the experience “over” with a smile of satisfaction and pride, having accomplished it at all.

Colt processes emotional things, fears, experiences…so much better and more definitively than I’ve ever been able to.  In fact, I don’t know a single adult who functions like this.  Maybe he’s the one who has it the right way around… maybe it’s “us” who can’t see big picture?

Just one more example of how I wish, and strive, to be more like my son, who has already learned the uselessness of carrying painful moments from the past around with you.

🙂  Thanks for visiting.


4 thoughts on “A Lesson in Bravery

  1. That is a beautiful post. I am going to do my best to follow Colt and his example to decide that an experience ‘over’ and to then move forward.

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