Shampoo and “Eye Steam”

Last night, my little love was in the bath and, with much encouragement, managed to get a blob of shampoo on his head and cleaned his hair.  He didn’t scrub it in quite enough at the front, however, and the shampoo ran down his forehead in a slow drip until it hit his eyes.

“MOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!””  He screamed from the bathroom, “I made my eyes go BLIND!!”  I took that with a grain of salt, just so you know.  He is seven, autistic and often a touch overdramatic…takes right after his father.  I went to him to assess the damage and found him with his palms jammed over his eyes, shampoo still dripping down his forehead and (now) over his fingers.

After a good rinse I managed to get him to move his hands and found sore, red, watery eyes beneath.  I got him to splash a little water on his face and, knowing he would not actually go blind…lol…I sent him off to get his PJ’s on, telling him that his eyes were really smart and would make lots of tears to wash the shampoo away by the next morning.

Now, my boy struggles with words and thoughts.  He knows what he wants to say, but doesn’t always now how to express what’s in his head.  Keeping that in mind, we’re usually overjoyed for him when he manages to explain something to us…this totally counted, but was so cute, I had to post it.

He said “Hey mom!!!  You were right!  While I was sleeping the steam in my eyes got all mixed up with the tears and it washed off!”

*Steam = that foggy kind of film that covers your eye after getting soap in it….*   Amazing huh?  🙂


2 thoughts on “Shampoo and “Eye Steam”

  1. Yes, very amazing! It is so great when they can come up with the language to express themselves, because you know they have to work so much harder to get things out!

    1. So true! It was always so hard to have to piece together bits of info without totally frustrating him in the process. I love hearing about the things that impact his life through his own words. 🙂

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