Remembering Halloween

I wrote this after Halloween two years ago and happened upon it in my files today.  It’s funny to look back at five-year old Colt and remember the little things.   Thought you might enjoy this one:

November 1, 2010 – Trick or Treat

This year would have been the second of Colt’s life in the trick-or-treating business.  Last year, with much encouragement, Colt managed to fight through all the attention and knocked on about 6 doors before he begged for the whole thing to be over.  I said to him, trying to appeal to his five-year old mind

“But honey, if we keep going, you’ll get lots more candy!”  And what did he say?

“Uhhh mom?  I already HAVE candy here..?”   Well, he’s not greedy, that’s for sure.

This year I asked him if he wanted to dress up. He said yes (I already knew that meant no but had to try).  I asked him what he wanted to be, trying to keep the limitations in mind.  He hates anything plastic touching him, not keen on vinyl, can’t tolerate a mask or face paint…so when he said ‘A Transformer’ I almost choked on my dinner.  Crap.  Transformer eh?

I spent hours pondering, and finally came up with an idea.  I found a foam fire truck for him to wear…a car body on straps that sit on the child’s shoulder.  I told him that he was the ‘robot’ part of the transformer (lol).  Surely that would work right?  Nothing touching him, nothing plastic, nothing anywhere near his face.  Well everything was peachy until the moment we went to put the costume on, moments before we walked out the door for trick or treating.

“Uh mommy?  I don’t want to be a fire truck transformer anymore”

“Oh..honey.  You have to wear a costume if you’re going to go trick or treating.”

(Sad face)  “Then I won’t go”  Says he.

(This moment reminded me of many others, while he and I engaged in negotiations over whether or not he was going to wear pants to daycare.  ‘Dude, you HAVE to wear pants to school, no options here..”  “I’m sorry mom, but my answer…is No”)

Mommy, however, was smart this year.  While out shopping a few weeks ago, I found a black toque and a pair of black gloves both with skeleton bones on them,  skull on the hat, finger bones on the gloves.  I put him in a pair of black pants and, voila!  Skeleton.  lol..he was delighted and was ready to charge out the door in an instant.

He still only managed 4 houses this year. 15 minutes and we were home again but he was happy, and that’s all that counts in the end.  😀  Next year I’m hoping for a better score…lol.  Is there not supposed to be a candy surplus for the parents too?  😉


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