Driving Dangerous

I find it amazing, more often than not, that human beings are capable of managing four-way stops.  From the way some people live their lives, you’d expect there to be multiple pile ups in the centre of every intersection along the rush hour routes.  

We used to have a physician that worked in our department that was a chronic speeder.  He used to brag at the start of *every* meeting about how quickly he got from wherever he had started, to the location of the meeting.  He said he could make it from the south campus to the north campus (normally a 20 min drive with moderate traffic, through the downtown core) in less than 10 minutes, traffic or otherwise.

When asked how he maintained his break-neck pace through traffic, he simply blinked, looking confounded, and would reply

“That’s what the shoulder is for….”

It amazed me that he still had his license, mind you, I’m sure he could afford the tickets and insurance .

This morning I was in front of an idiot of a woman who was DYING to get around me because I was only doing 10 clicks over the speed limit.  She was so close to the back of my car I couldn’t see her grill and she kept shaking her white knuckled fists at me, yelling something that I couldn’t read on her lips.

She rode my arse for ages before finally deciding to pull around me on a hill, for some reason, and almost got flattened by an unseen oncoming truck.  She didn’t seem too bothered though…just hammered her accelerator and went on her way.

When I neared my place of employment I arrived at a four-way stop and waited patiently while the three other people completely cut me off and then a fourth decided not to even stop at all.   Just followed the guy in front of him through.

Do you want to know WHY so many people die in vehicle accidents?  These guys.  Just sayin.

Drive safe!  🙂


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