Choice Words

This morning Colt was making the strangest noise in the living room after he ate his breakfast.  He’s got a touch of a cold and is a little stuffy in the mornings, so I assumed the strange noises had something to do nose blowing, however, when I went to investigate there was not a tissue to be found.  I asked him what he was doing and he answered:

“My spitting stuff got into my ears but then I snarled it hard and it was gone and  I could hear again!”

Amazingly, I understood that perfectly.  Colt has a difficult time describing things in ways that other people might understand (his imagery seems to be shape/landscape based) so this was an extraordinary  effort for him, using words like “spitting stuff” (saliva – or more likely mucus congestion in his sinuses) and “snarled” (*giggles* what an awesome word he used.  Makes me think of Dr. Seuss!)

I sent a text to his dad, sharing the fun this morning, and he responded with “What is spitting stuff and how did it get into his ears???”

lol.  Ahhhh my boys.  Never a dull moment, I tell ya.


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