Learning to Learn

Colt is just now beginning to read with some consistency at school.  He knew his ABC’s before he could talk (a fact I discovered one day while driving him to daycare when he suddenly sang the entire song forwards and backwards…..yeah, I had to pull over for a moment too).  Despite knowing the song and the sounds the letters made, my little man could not put those two pieces of information together well enough to read anything.  It has been a trying time for him, for sure.

Recently he’s been getting stronger in reading skills, as he memorizes more words from his daily life.  The cutest moment of this reading adventure so far was when he came to me with frustrated blue eyes on Sunday announcing that he could not find one of his shows no matter what he tried.

The character’s name is “Arthur” and Colt flat out insisted that he was nowhere to be found on the entire internet.  I asked him how he was spelling “Arthur” and he answered

“A, R, F, U, R”  Arfur.

I giggled.  No honey, it’s ArTHur, Thhhhhhh, not Ffffffffff.  He looked at me like I had just sprouted a second head.

“Uhhh Mom?  I’m sorry, but you’re wrong.  It’s Arfur”  then he rolled his eyes at me.

I smiled and let him go.  Suggested that he find a movie or book with Arthur on it so he could check the proper spelling (no point arguing) and off he went.  He forgot about Arthur when he found his M&M’s characters (I have no idea why, but he loves those commercials).  He immediately ran back to his computer and started to type them into his search bar when he stopped and yelled:


……you know what an ampersand is but think Arthur is spelled with an “F”?   This child’s mind is amazing to me.

Later that day I pulled out a workbook full of mazes that get more complicated as they progress.  One month ago, Colt would give up before he completed the easiest ones; last night, he shot through 19 of them, in order, unassisted, and didn’t even get frazzled.  I actually accused his dad of practicing with him…lol.

He absorbs things in ways I can’t follow everywhere in life.  Amazing little boy, he is.


11 thoughts on “Learning to Learn

  1. The spelling thing with “Arfur” — I have the same problem still. And ampersand, I think I only l earned it was the name for & within the last year. We all have some degree of learning challenges. Coping in life is just a matter of figuring out how to compensate for our weaknesses by using whatever strengths we may have lucked into. Being tenacious, determined, and thick-skinned doesn’t hurt either.

    1. LOL! Kitty! I only learned what an ampersand was a few years ago and I’m an english major!!! I always called it “the and symbol” like “the at symbol” @ really.

      What a great thought: Coping in life is just a matter of figuring out how to compensate for our weaknesses by using whatever strengths we may have lucked into.

      Smart woman. *hugs* Thank you.

  2. Hah hah – that’s great “ARFUR.” Hey, he got most of it right so that counts for something, no? ANd he’s getting to know his way around the keyboard – that’s way cool

    1. Yeah, he’s doing a great job on that keyboard. He’s seven now and we’re really pushing the fine motor skills to get him handwriting a little better but the frustration just evaporates for him when he gets near keyboard. In the next years, as his handwriting improves, he’ll get a laptop to do his school work on. I hope it will make a difference for him.

      Thanks for the comment! I so enjoy your blog about your beautiful boys.

  3. DID YOU KNOW….In England, a Cockney accent would pronounce Arthur as Arfur. How about that? They don’t say the “th” very well. Indeed, the first time I heard someone in a real Cockney area with a heavy Cockney accent say “three” as “free” I thought he had a speech impediment, but in fact, they all say it that way. Maybe Colt is British? lol Patsye

  4. P.S. In Ireland, they said “tree” instead of “three.” Oh, I just love it over there, though sometimes it’s like being surrounded by a foreign language – even though it’s all English.

  5. Your kid sounds amazing! I can’t wait to read more.

    PS, show him how a & looks like a man scooting around on his butt &&&&… LOL. Someone told me that and I wrote a post on it. Cracks me up, I’ll never look at it the same

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