Praise and Reward

Here’s something fun my little guy brought to my life.

When I pick Colt up at the (miracle-worker-angel) babysitter’s house I usually get a full report on his day.  Little Emily, the sitter’s beautiful little girl, is a right tattle-tale and she busts him for everything he does wrong…lol…poor kid.  She’ll tell when he sticks out his tongue, when he calls someone a name, when he “says NO!” (to teachers etc).  I’ve arranged things so she ‘reports’ to her mom (nothing worse than having a friend rat you out right in front of you to your mom!) and then the sitter reports to me.

When Colt has a good day, and by that, I mean literally perfect so that there is nothing to tattle about, I make a HUGE fuss for him.  We high-five and I squish him with hugs (his term, not mine) and kiss his face and tell him how wonderfully proud I am of him.  A little smile touches the corner of his lips and he flushes with pride…it’s one of my favourite moments in life so far.

When I picked Colt up last week, one of the little ones had broken the rules that day (running in the house, playing under the covers in the beds when they were to be sleeping, calling mean names).  Her mom was getting the run-down while I waited patiently for Colt (who had a good day!) and the little girl sullenly stared at the floor and waited for the sitter to finish.  I hate to admit that it felt amazing to NOT be the mom of the kid who was in trouble for once, but I felt for her…as I feel for Colt.  I helped her do up her little jacket while her mom finished chatting with the sitter and she looked at me with sad, dark eyes…

“I didn’t do a very good job today, Colt’s mom *pouts*”  I told her that we all have bad days but even when we’re feeling grumpy, we still have to follow the rules.  I smiled at her and told her that tomorrow was a brand new day to try again.  (I know her mom pretty well so I knew she wouldn’t mind).

Yesterday, I walked up to the door and peeked in the side window to see who was in before I opened it and went into the house.  The little girl caught my eye and came CHARGING to the door to open it for me.

“Colt’s mom!!!  I had a perfect day today with no rule breaking at ALL!”  She threw her arms around my legs and waited for her praise.  I look at Colt, wondering what his reaction might be to someone else getting my adoration for doing well that day, but (no surprise) he was smiling at the little one.  He came over and joined in the hug and we all celebrated for the sweet little girl who tried hard and followed the rules.  She was busting with pride by the time I left.  🙂

When we got outside Colt told me how happy he was for his little friend.  He told me that, sometimes, it’s hard to follow the rules.  I stopped and took his face in my hands and told him he was amazing.  He said,

“I didn’t even do anything and you still think I’m amazing?!”

Oh yeah little boy.  You’re something amazing alright.  ❤


4 thoughts on “Praise and Reward

  1. I love this post. It’s a short story of the best kind. It reminds me of the simple things that can make everyone feel good about being alive. I feel for these children. I rarely have days when I didn’t do anything wrong or didn’t break a rule.

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