His Beautiful Heart

This morning my boy came to me with worry in his eyes.

I was asleep last night (on my couch) when he got home and although he came in and gave me a very tender hug and kissed my bare shoulder, we didn’t get to spend much time together yesterday at all.  His dad knew I was *out* for the night and accommodated, as he does, by letting Colt know that mommy wasn’t feeling well and needed a good, long sleep to feel better again.

So, the eyes this morning…worried blue.  I sat down next to him at the table and he reached up and touched my face (he has a teacher that cradles his face with her hands when she sees him – he finds it so relaxing when she does it that he is starting to apply it elsewhere.  Amazing for him).  He said,

“Mom, I missed you last night and it made me heart drop”

“You heart dropped! Oh no…I don’t like that sound of that!”  I put my hands on his chest and back and started massaging his “heart”

“Yes mom, when you are sick my heart drops and falls on the ground and it breaks.  My heart broke because you were sick mommy.”
I asked him if it was better now that I was okay again and he lit up like a star and threw his arms around my neck.   Without his little sparks of brightness in my life, things would be so dark.

I’m so thankful.



4 thoughts on “His Beautiful Heart

    1. Aww..he gives amazing hugs. Sometimes, in the morning when we’re rushing (doesn’t seem to matter how early we get up) he’ll stop me for a hug. It wouldn’t matter if the house was on fire, I’d still stop. It’s often the best part of my entire day.

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