The Beautiful Flower

This morning at the bus stop Colt was running around with the sitter’s kids when he suddenly stopped and yelled to me:

“MOM! *unintelligible something* beautiful flower!!”  All the moms (and dads) thought he had found an early flower shooting up (daffodils and tulips will be showing up soon here).  I said something like “wow – it’s lovely!” and he burst into giggles.

I went to investigate what was so giggly and went to his side, looking around for the flower.  He laughed even harder when I did that…so did his little friend Kelly.  I played it up a bit for his sake and soon he was howling because I could not find the flower…!  Kelly wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes and finally let me in on the joke.

“Mrs x,” Kelly explained, “he said that YOU are the most beautiful flower!!!”

Oh.  Oh my.  Oh my, my, my boy.  *warm glow*  I’m not sure I’ve ever received such a compliment.  😀


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