Fountain of … what, exactly?

As a general rule, I support chocolate in all forms; chocolate cake, bars, candy…I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate covered raisins?  I don’t even like raisins but I’ll eat them by the handful if they are coated in chocolate.  Chocolate is a good thing in almost every case I’ve ever seen, except for this one.

There is a restaurant in the US that advertises a ‘chocolate waterfall’ that looks to me like a giant fondue.

You can, apparently, stick all kinds of delicious food on a stick and dunk it in the ‘waterfall’ as your dessert.  They show fresh fruit, cookies, marshmallows…really looks quite delicious until you suddenly realize that dozens upon dozens of people dipping their food into the same flowing chocolate is kind of…unappealing.  I’m quite sure, having attended more than a fair share of ‘gatherings’ in my time, that the people who double-dip their chips also eat out at cheesy half-fast-food restaurants with open air chocolate fountains.  Knowing this absolutely horrifies me, when I think of sharing a chocolate fondue with them, in public.

I’ll admit, I’ve never seen this phenomenon in person as I almost never get to the USA, but the very idea is a bit unsettling in these days of antibiotic resistant organisms and rampant flu viruses.  I mean, is there anyone monitoring the thing to ensure no one touches the chocolate with ANYTHING but the food they are about to ingest?  I suspect not.  There may be a sneeze guard in place, but what about the folks that lick their fingers and then touch more food that goes into the chocolate…and, god forbid, what if someone doesn’t wash their hands after using the restroom and then touches food that falls IN???

*Grainne breathes deeply to quiet her inner germaphobe*  

If it’s not encased in a foot thick, bullet proof fountain that is live-monitored for unsanitary types poking their fingers in my chocolate fondue…I think I’ll have my strawberries with cream.


2 thoughts on “Fountain of … what, exactly?

  1. First of all, these are not the kind of restaurants you and I would eat in anyhow. And I’m with you about the germs. Food poisoning would be the least of your worries in a restaurant like this.

    I saw a food snippet about bacon brownies. Chocolate brownies with chips of bacon in them. Everyone liked them. I doubt I would. Besides the fact I can’t eat bacon, I’m not supposed to eat brownies either. Bummer.

  2. Uggggh…I do like bacon, but not so much with chocolate. Combing those tastes in my head gave me a little shiver.

    Patsye, you can dine with me anytime. I suspect most of our ‘cleanliness’ habits are similar. 😉

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