Just for fun

Originally posted July 2, 2011

I’m posting this everywhere.  I got such a laugh today from my sweet little guy :)   He’s autistic, almost 7 years old and absolutely never, ever lies.

Dad:  “Where’s Colt?”
Mom:  “What do you mean “where’s Colt? Isn’t he with you?”
Dad:  “No!  COLT!?”
Colt:  (From a distance)  “Yeah dad?”
Dad:  “Where are  you?”
Colt:  “Outside sittin on the car!”
Dad:  “Pardon?”
Mom: “What did he just say?:

*A very particular sort of look passes between parents*   We go outside to check, and this is what we find.


2 thoughts on “Just for fun

  1. Too funny. Kids are so literal, aren’t they? We probably forget that their view isn’t as good as ours. Like people in wheelchairs – things look different from down there.

    Look at all that space in your yard!

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